Site Survey

  • WiFiPerf/iPerf3 Speed Test Heat Map
  • Barcode Scan for Data Entry
  • Report/Export via Email or Dropbox
  • Photos and Notes of Placed Devices
WiFiSurvey Heat Map
WiFi Survey Project Creation

App Features

  • Project creation, edit, copy, and delete
  • Upload and Scale Floorplans
  • Project File Sync/Save to Dropbox
  • Many Equipment Markers
  • Survey Paths
  • Cable Path Planning
  • And many more that take advantage of the iPad’s multi-touch user interface

Screenshots and How-To's

WiFiSurvey Heat Map WiFiSurvey Placing Icons WiFiSurvey Starting a New Project WiFiSurvey Wireless Scanning WiFiSurvey Speed Tests

WiFiSurvey - WiFi Scanning Guide PDF

WiFiSurvey - Complete User Guide PDF

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